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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Dr Christopher Bulstrode - Our volunteer in Haiti

Dr Christopher Bulstrode, an Oxford surgeon flew out to Haiti for Doctors of the World on Sunday 24th January to help treat victims of the devastating earthquake. During the three weeks he is due to spend on the island, he will be helping run mobile clinics.

He has agreed to share with us what his routine in this emengency situation is like.

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  1. I write this because I do not know where else to. I just feel the need to somehow get a message to you. I have just been watching you on Sky News and I feel so amzed with what you do and what you did in Haiti. You are a real man and a real hero. I see people like SIR Micheal Caine knighted. It is a joke. You are the real deserving brave man that should be recognised. I know it is because of you that you can really see that through all the evil in this world, there are bright lights on places ande for stories like yours are so uplifting. I hope I have not written too much here and I hope you can slighty understand a little of what I am trying to say.

    Thank you from everyone, the world is a better place because of brave MEN and Women similar to you.