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Thursday, 18 February 2010

HEALTHlink - Challenging the barriers to access to healthcare in the UK

The treatment of migrant workers, asylum seekers and refugees is a matter which concerns us all. They experience common, reoccurring problems when trying to access the services they are entitled to. They are a group that is nearly invisible; they live alongside us but are not able to visit a doctor or a dentist when they need it the most.

On the health care frontline, health professionals and their staff are strongly relied on by this section of the community when the iron curtain of language barriers and tortuous bureaucracy falls between them and health care.

Doctors of the World UK (M├ędecins du Monde UK) has launched MDM HEALTHlink, a new online forum to improve access to healthcare services for migrant workers, asylum seekers and refugees.

This new network will provide a forum for healthcare professionals as well as activists, lawyers and academics to improve information and best-practice exchange by enhancing communication, pooling the most recent information around patient registration, legislation, reports and articles, as well as providing a platform to launch campaigns to lobby policy makers and regulatory bodies.

This is a call to action

Through this new network, we link up healthcare professionals who are determined to challenge these restrictions. We all work together to provide access today and urge the government to take steps to ensure access tomorrow.

Join now if you want to make a difference.

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