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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Fred, Haiti - 6 months on, the reconstruction of Haiti continues

Fred Costa arrived in Haiti to help with the clear up operation after the devastating earthquake hit the country in January.  Fred has been working as a Logistician in Haiti for the past 4 months for Doctors of the World (DOW). 

Fred is part of a team of more than 450 people working in Haiti, comprising of national and international staff.  DOW is providing health care in clinics and hospitals around the capital Port-au-Prince as well as in the towns and surrounding areas of Petit Goave and Grand Goave.

Here Fred shares his experiences:

The city of Port-au-Prince is still pretty much the same as when I got here. There is a lot of rubble.  Many buildings which were destroyed remain as they were when I arrived.  There are now thousands and thousands of makeshift shelters and tents too.
Pictures of Port-au-Prince.

A lot of the Haitians don’t have a house or any access to water but they always look well–presented at work - clean, tidy and shaved. They always have a smile and can have a laugh and a joke. They are always so polite and respectful too.  


No matter what, they always believe in better days, in a better life, in a better country, and a better tomorrow.  They believe this so that gives me the extra strength to work every day a bit better than before in order to give them the best I have.

Fred and the carpenters building a medical clinic in Miron - Port-au-Prince.

Half of my time is spent solving problems as a Logistician.  This role is largely spent building, fixing and maintaining everything so our operations can run smoothly.  
One of our mobile clinics in St Marc - Carrefour.

If a generator breaks down or if a clinic is at risk of being flooded I am on hand to fix these things.  The other half of my time is spent working on how to expand our programme by calculating the budget and working out what things need to be bought to continue our work efficiently.  The work is very intense.  It is fulfilling to feel that what I am doing here helps and will provide a better life for the Haitians.  I am realistic though – due to the incredible devastation caused by the earthquake, providing that better life will be difficult to achieve. 

Fred and the Logistics team.

No matter how much of a bad time they have endured, the Haitians always see a better future.  I will finish my mission here in August.  I am starting to miss this place even before I have left it.  It seems to me that life in Europe is more complicated.  People have more problems there and they are not happy.   But in Europe we have everything yet here in Haiti they don’t have anything. 

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