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Monday, 18 October 2010

Jo, Myanmar (Burma) - Dressing like a local

I now wear a longye to work every day, it is such a sensible garment in this heat and so comfortable. I started with a nice red one that the office staff gave me and decided to build up my supply so that I could wear a fresh one each day. When Thomas was here we went to the market and I bought two. They are really pretty, you buy them just as a piece of pre-cut fabric. I think most people must have a sewing machine and run them up at home, but of course I can’t do that, so arranged with the stall holder to have them made up for me. They cost me $6,00 US for the 2!
I even cycle wearing my longye, but haven’t mastered the art of cycling in the rain with an umbrella. The roads are so pot holed that I need both hands to hang on for dear life. And when it rains here it really knows how to rain.

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