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Friday, 22 October 2010

Jo, Myanmar (Burma) - Grabbing a lift by boat - a touching and lasting memory

Our taxi to the village

So at the end of this week I will be leaving. Myanmar is a beautiful country and when I get onto that plane on Saturday evening I will be taking some wonderful memories home with me.
Here is just one of them...
We have travelled to most of the villages by boat along the branches of the Ayarawady, but the final village in the pilot programme was only accessible by car and foot. We went there on a morning after some very heavy rain and the roads were quite flooded. The car dropped us off at the end of a long lane bordered on either side by paddy fields. We set off to walk the final stretch but the lane was slippery and difficult to negotiate. The ditches at the edges of the paddy fields were flooded and suddenly there was a canoe coming towards us along the flooded ditch. A man from the village and his little boy had come to give us a lift. Such a lovely gesture! As we headed towards the village we passed fishermen up to their chests in water in the ditch.
My Doctor Livingstone moment

Just one of the many memories that I will be taking home with me.
This is Jo, signing off for the last time!

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