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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Judith Cook - Volunteer Doctor for Project:London

Dr Judith Cook qualified as a GP in the mid 1960s and worked in general practice in north London for 20 years. Since then, Judith has worked with vulnerable groups including homeless people, asylum seekers and refugees, people dependent on drugs and others who find access to healthcare difficult. Judith has been involved in the work of several health NGOS. She volunteered with Doctors of the World (DOW) in Afghanistan and Liberia. She currently does work in primary care for people who are drug dependent, and continues to work on issues relating to the health of asylum seekers and refugees in the UK.

"Because I had experience working with vulnerable groups in the UK, the DOW UK team came to me early in their needs assessment process, before setting up Project: London, and I offered some suggestions from my experience with these groups. I am aware of the great difficulties that they have accessing healthcare, and I am also aware of the other problems they contend with in their lives, and the fact that they have very important health needs. Many of their health problems are linked to broader issues such as destitution, anxiety and uncertainty about their status, and often to past experiences of abuse, ill-treatment or torture.

I want to work with Project: London to help identify the health needs of these vulnerable people and help them reach mainstream services. Also, because it is an DOW UK project - and I've worked with DOW UK before - and I support the principles on which DOW UK 's work is based."

Next week, read about Lizz Annun, our volunteer nurse at Project:London.

For more information about Project:London and how to volunteer, visit our website.

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